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/main·spring/ noun

1. Something that plays a principal part in motivating or maintaining a movement, process, or activity.

We have always thought the Supply Chain/Fulfillment Stream was like a classic timepiece. Many different and complex parts moving behind the scenes in precise collaboration to turn seconds into minutes and minutes into hours. The result to the outside world is reliability. Mainspring Solutions was founded on the same principles that make a timepiece reliable. From Suppliers to the Customer, the Fulfillment Stream is becoming more complex by the day. Mainspring Solutions understands that complexity and can support your efforts to be reliable... Just like clockwork. 

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Thom Rogers

Founder & President


I have over twenty years of hands-on experience working in manufacturing/ distribution operations in a variety of industries. This experience in addition to my technical background creates strategic and sustainable solutions for my clients.


I have held a number of leadership positions within the manufacturing, retail and engineering consulting industries. Leadership positions include Distribution Engineering Manager for Rubbermaid, Director of Logistics Engineering for OfficeMax Corporation, Vice President – Distribution and Purchasing for Famous Supply and Operations Director for NACSCORP. In addition to these positions, I have also delivered consulting services in the areas of Facilities Planning and Design, Productivity and Labor Planning, Inventory Analysis and Planning, and WMS Systems Development and Integration including Manhattan Associates (PkMS), Marc Global Systems, Eclipse and SAP.

tel: 440.668.5172


Our ability to understand your business quickly and accurately makes the difference. We provide and implement solutions in Supply Chain, Facilities and Operations Management. 

Sustained Results

The solutions we develop will improve your Operation by addressing short term challenges and providing flexibility for strategic growth.  We partner with your staff to build solutions that work for your operation and your culture.  

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