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Mainspring's network brings more players to our team, all focused on one thing: Your Business

Distribution | Logistics | Supply Chain
Sedlak has partnered with experienced, trustworthy professionals since 1958, focusing on understanding our clients' unique business needs, mitigating risk, and identifying pragmatic solutions that deliver consistent performance and increase efficiencies and profitability. We, similar to Sedlak, are passionate about listening to our clients... seeing their business through their eyes and partnering with them to deliver value on their teams. Together, we pride ourselves on both the unsurpassed body of industry knowledge and the enduring client relationships we have built. 
Connect: | 216.206.4700
A Partnership Tailored to Manufacturing Efficiency. 
For more than 30 years, MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network has offered a wide range of capabilities to small and mid-size manufacturers as part of the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). These world-class services - including product development, process innovation, operations consulting, talent pipeline solutions, and others - help Northeast Ohio companies grow through innovation, generate revenue, improve job retention, and drive economic development. We also support, educate, and champion the manufacturing sector with the goal of transforming our regional economy into a powerful player on a global scale.
Connect: | 216.391.7766
NatMedLog X Mainspring Solutions: Enhance your supply chain. 
NML provides hospitals, distributors, manufacturers and GPOs healthcare supply chain consulting and implementation services such as; outsourced warehousing and order fulfillment, transportation management services, distribution center design, start up and implementation, process engineering, ERP and WMS requirements development and implementation services and overall project management. With over 40 years of medical distribution experience, NML can help you improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs - all with one important difference: National Medical is an unbiased, industry neutral logistics partner that brings solutions to complex healthcare supply chain challenges.

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