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Now Offering: Lean Fundamental Analysis Workshop

Lean thinking is an increasingly embraced process improvement approach that aims to simplify methods and improve performance across various industries. Companies who are able to properly apply Lean principles to their practices can substantially increase productivity and reduce resource waste. Also by thinking Lean, you will have the tools and insights to remove any bottlenecks and impediments to efficient, effective logistics, resulting in reduced costs and improved service.

Thus, Mainspring Solutions is looking to help you integrate these practices into your business! We are now offering a three-day, on-site workshop for operations staff that teaches everyone from manager level to hourly laborers Lean techniques. Lead by Founder and President Thom Rogers, this learning experience can provide invaluable technical information to your business.

Participants will learn:

  • What is Lean?

  • First-hand observation skills practice

  • 8 wastes

  • 5S training

  • Lean introductory environment improvement simulation

  • Value stream mapping training and exercises

  • A3 thinking/A3 problem solving training and exercises

  • Flow, throughput, and inventory (1x1, pull, kanban)

What Participants achieve from this class:

  • Understand Lean principles.

  • Ability to Clearly define waste in an organization and identify opportunities to eliminate waste.

  • Identify a value stream and define improvements.

  • Develop basic skills in continuous improvement and related tools.

  • Implement mistake-proofing.

  • Understand Kaizen events.

  • Gain a personal toolkit to implement Lean in an organization.

Session Options:

A) One-day session highlighting lean fundamentals and basics, a crash course for your organization.

B) Three-day session, much more extensive and includes lean simulations, providing practical initiatives to apply immediately to your organization.

If you are interested in this experience for your company or if you would like more information, contact Thom Rogers directly at or by phone at (440) 668-5172

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