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App of the Month: Shipstation

For small online businesses, many find that shipping their products is the biggest hassle of their job. You've created a great product, you've put together a marketing plan to generate demand, and you've even made sales - why is getting the product to your customer such a pain?

Introducing ShipStation: an online shipping software that takes the pain points out of shipping.

ShipStation acts as your main hub for all order fulfillment. Their intuitive dashboard design makes it easy to view all orders, connect different shipping carriers and automate redundant shipping processes.

With ShipStation, users have the ability to preform most steps of the shipping process including:

- View performance insights and analytics in-app

- Import and manage every order

- Print packing slips and shipping labels wirelessly

- Scan barcodes with your phone's camera

- View shipment statuses and send tracking numbers

- Generate end-of-day manifests

ShipStation offers various different pricing plans, as seen below:

Download ShipStation today on the Apple App Store or for Android on the Google Play Store by clicking on the links below:

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