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App of the Month: TravelBank

TravelBank is the perfect application for small to mid-size enterprises with no expense tracking tool in place, or looking to simplify their tracking.

TravelBank provides a myriad of features that offer an clean, efficient solution to expense and travel tracking, including: flight booking, receipt tracking and collection gallery, expense submitting, reimbursements, predictive trip budgets and much more.

This application is perfect for managers as well, utilizing the predictive trip budgets, they are able to get an accurate estimate of sending their employee to a different city for an over-night trip. They can then set the budget for that employee for food and travel.

TravelBank is also an intuitive flight finder. TravelBank works with many travel sites to find the cheapest flights possible, based on best chance to upgrade, shortest distance and travel time, and value.

The application is free for unlimited users and can be found on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Click the buttons below to download and start tracking effectively now!

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