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App of the Month: Quip

Many of us are familiar with using - or at least heard of Google Docs. Well what if there was an application that combines the functionality of Google Docs with email, instant messengers, to-do lists, etc., all into one hub.

Introducing to you, Quip.

Quip provides high-scale document and spreadsheet collaboration, with a greater breath of features than your typical Google Doc, while maintaining simplified functionality.

Additionally, Quip partners with many third-party applications like Salesforce and Podio to integrate sales/customer information directly into your documents, with the ability to be inserted or manipulated by simply dragging and dropping.

Two features that stand out to us are Quip's graphs and push notifications. The offering of multiple intuitive graphs help make it a perfect tool for sleek infographic design. With the increased frequency of employees using their mobile devices to work, allowing users to send push notifications to one another when working on a document streamlines the need for emails or additional workplace chat systems.

Quip is offered for a yearly price of $30 for a 5 individual plan, and then adds an additional $10 for each added employee. It is also offered for a monthly plan which keeps the same specs, but is $12 for every user after the first 5.

Click the links below to download Quip on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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