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What Have You Missed?

In the past 6 months, we have put out a variety of articles about best practices as well as tools that can help you and your business succeed. We hope these articles can help share our insight on strategies that are relevant to your industry to help your enterprise grow and succeed.

Check out the following links below to learn about some of our featured applications that can be quickly implemented to help many pain points in your business.

Insightly: The CRM designed for small business -

DropTask: Keep you and your enterprise on task -

Office Lens: Take those hand-written notes and make them a document -

LastPass: No need to remember all of your passwords anymore -

Scanner App: Translate any document into a functional PDF -

Red Booth: Intelligent task management -

For the medical industry, check out some of our healthcare spotlight articles.

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare -

What are GPO's? -

The Importance of Mobile Supply Chains in Healthcare -

And finally, the following is what lies at the core of our business: insights on how to improve your operations.

How to Successfully Follow Through with Your Initiatives -

What are 'Lean Operations'? -

Productivity Improvement Methods -

Removing Defective Processes -

The Effects of Overproduction -

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