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Adopting a Culture of Adaptation

Evolution is a scary thing. Why abandon the comforts and security of methods that have always worked for your enterprise? They would consistently yield a sufficient ROI and seemed to provide room for organizational growth. As a manager, why would I look to any other business solution?

Simply put: it may not last long.

Technology is increasing an an exponential, and for managers, daunting rate. To quote Moore's Law, which can essentially be boiled down to, technology and processing power will double itself every two years, henceforth. The future of your business relies on your ability to adapt to accelerating ROI demands and your capability to implement new tools for your company. Analytics and big data should be seen as an asset, not an expense.

Forward thinking has never been more crucial than it is today, which is why so many of our articles reference mitigating workflow clutter to create for the most efficient processes. Managers need to curate a situation for themselves that their staff can work at a self-sustaining and productive rate so that they can focus on strategy for the future.

Easier said than done, right? Changing how a business operates is not the simplest task to accomplish, and may be accompanied by a few hindrances. A good starting point for managers is to understand the roadblocks that lie ahead and address them as immediately as possible.

Out with the old and in with the new, they say. Now more than ever, businesses need to shift away from a conservative culture and quit holding onto their old ways of operation in fear of modernization. Analytic software allows managers to see what is becoming obsolete and how to improve. conservative organizations are falling by the wayside. Companies that activate automation programs, develop apps for their employees, engage with industry best practices.... well these companies survive and prosper.

Leaders of enterprises must pave the way for deviation from a conservative culture, and let the trickledown effect work its magic. Self-preservation is humanistic nature, and egos can get in the way of progress if we let them.

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