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App of the Month: Todoist

You have a lot to do each day. Many of us do. Keeping track of it all... not so easy.

After plenty of searching for the best task organizer, we find here "Todoist". Perfect for helping you keep life in order.

Todoist is an intuitive online and mobile application that can be used as a real-time task manager, helping you prioritize your daily tasks/projects on the go. You can organize each of your tasks by different colors, set 3 priority levels, and share your list with anyone at anytime!

Aside from its tremendous person utility on a daily basis, Todoist is great for organizational managers who wish to assign daily or weekly tasks to their team. Lists are backed up onto the cloud and can be shared seamlessly via text, email, or 3rd party messengers. Enterprises can increase productivity and assignment tracking tremendously by adding this application to their operations.

Though Todoist has a free platform for the daily user, we would recommend that organizations opt for the premium version. For only $29/year, you gain access to the following features: Mobile and email reminders, custom project templates, location alerts, custom/branded filters, automatic backups, access via iCalendar, and many more features.

Download Todoist on the Apple Store or Google Play Store by clicking on the links below:

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