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App of the Month: Confide

Confidentiality can be detrimental in an enterprise for various reasons. Confide is your personal confidential information messenger.

Confide provides self-destructing, encrypted and screenshot-proof messages; thus giving you the comfort of knowing that your private communications will truly stay that way.

Personally, I have dealt with so many instances that I try to login to one of my company's programs and I forget the login credentials or a password. I want to just text/email one of my coworkers to send me the password, but that would typical violate a corporate handbooks' regulations for password sharing. Confide would provide a complete foolproof way share important information, without fear of the information being compromised.

The application is completely free and downloadable on all devices. It even allows you to share photos that will delete and destruct themselves after the intended person receives it. Click on one of the links below to view it on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

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