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Mainspring Insights: Boosting Productivity

We all try to work as productive as we can. "Work smart, not hard" many say. However, what does that exactly mean?

The New York Times defined the three main contributors to what it truly means to be productive in a recent article.

1) Accountability for your KPI, whether personal or for your projects, must be met and all of your effort should go into actions that help meet these metrics.

2) Trust the process of time. Small, incremental chances pay off in time, whether if this applies to your personal actions or your work.

3) Forgive yourself and keep a short memory. All of your efforts might not necessarily go as planned. Trust that in time, desired enhancement will pay off and dont' let one failure ruin your workflow.

Many productivity management professionals indicate segments of your workday as periods of "flow". Flow is that state of being when you are completely focused and immersed on a given task - this is when employees work their best. However, when disrupted from this state of flow, it takes roughly 20 minutes to re-enter this state.

Many factors can attribute to disrupting someone from flow, such as stopping by their cubicle for a quick chat or even a simple question that could wait for later. Be not only consciencious about your own productivity, but also that of those in your office.

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