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App of the Month: TSheets

Streamline the clock in/out process and send invoices instantly with this excellent payroll service.

Not every enterprise has integrated a time tracking and payroll system; especially start-ups and small businesses. The perfect solution for you if you find yourself in this scenario is TSheets.

TSheets offers a bevy of features for various kinds of time tracking, job logging, expense reporting and payroll information - all hosted on a cloud-based dashboard.

Whichever device you choose to use, desktop or mobile, TSheets is your hub for all of your tracking. Clock in and out on the go using their intuitive dashboards (seen below).

You can even use this to track your paid time off, travel/expense reports, and remote work time sheets all at your fingertips. TSheets is incredibly easy to use, making for a painless implementation process.

Any one individual can use TSheets as their preferred form of time sheet tracking (perfect for the remote worker). However, if business leaders wish to use this application for their whole company, they have two pricing options to choose from:

2-99 users pay $16/mo, plus an additional $4 for every user utilizing the app.

100+ users pay $80/mo, plus an additional $4 for every user utilizing the app.

TSheets is an excellent software for those looking for a cheap/effective time tracking and payroll solution for their business.

Check out TSheets on the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play store by clicking on the icons below!

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