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App of the Month: Streak CRM

Transform your Gmail inbox into your personal CRM.

This customer relationship management platform is the only app that completely integrates into the gmail suite, mitigating the need for separate dashboards. Streak completely transforms the look and feel of your daily inbox into a familiar, yet intuitive CRM system.

Streak offers a suite of tools for the user to track: Sales pursuits and closed deals, HR support, product development, campaign processes, etc. It also is created to be utilized as a powerful email tool that allows users to view their tracked email, merge mailboxes, schedule emails to leads, and much more!

Streak offers three separate pricing tiers: Personal (Free) account, Professional ($49/mo & their most popular plan), and Enterprise ($99/mo). I would recommend the personal account to anyone as it is completely free, provides basic CRM functionality, email power tools and allows up to 200 tracked emails per month. The professional plan would be useful for a small to mid-sized business leader to implement, as it provides 900+ integrations, API access, unlimited email tracking per user, and Streak's full suite of CRM features.

Click on the links below to download/view Streak in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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