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App of the Month: Redbooth

Calling all project managers, do we have an app for you! Redbooth is a one stop shop for intelligent task management and planning solutions for you and your team.

This app, available on the Apple Store and GooglePlay Store is a collection of easy to use, yet highly powerful tools that help you combine related tasks, files, forms, contacts, etc., into a centralized and communicate-able format. It is incredibly easy to set up new projects and set up your custom dashboards, tailored to give you and your co-workers access to the information they need on the go, updated in real-time.

It also enables the user to speed up communications by allowing for customization notification settings and an integrated messaging tool, linked to all of your files and information within a given project.

We recommend this FREE app for all those who look to streamline project tasks and make information accessible and attainable to those who need it, at all times.

Get it on the App Store or Google Play Store:

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