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App of the Month: LastPass

Personally, remembering passwords is frustrating.

According to a study, the average person has roughly 90 online accounts, passwords for each one, 37 emails to reset forgotten passwords in their inbox, and forgets about 15 passwords per years. That is just for the average person's personal accounts; if we want to get into businesses' passwords, that's another ballgame.

Most businesses have very complex passwords that are solemnly shared throughout the company to protect social media accounts and private information from falling into the wrong hands. Because of this, there is a large need for a more intuitive way to store passwords and a database that can help authenticated users bypass inputting passwords into the same accounts day-in and day-out. For that need, comes LastPass Password Manager.

LastPass in an intuitive application that can be installed directly into your browser of choice to simply the sign-in process. In the LastPass Vault, all of your usernames and passwords for every individual account can be stored and linked directly to the sites you use most often.

Last pass can: auto-fill all usernames and passwords, create online purchaser profiles for yourself to save location/billing addresses, organize and share passwords, and even provides AES-256 bit encryption to keep passwords safe. Also, LastPass provides Apple Touch ID functionality so users can sign in with ease.

Once you start using LastPass, you will save time and frustration by having all of your passwords at your fingertips and never forget a password again.

Download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store by clicking on the images below:

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