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New Clients: Welcome to the Mainspring Family

As our client base grows, we would like to keep you updated on what organizations have been positively affected by Mainspring Solutions, giving you a sense of the broad range of industries we serve. We would like to formally welcome Mercy Medical Center and Universal Oil Inc. to the Mainspring family!

Mainspring was recently asked to provide interim management services for Mercy Medical Center, based out of Canton, Ohio. MMC needed a resource to bridge the gap with the departure of their Director of Supply Chain. MMC had a large need for daily management, contract review, and overall support to the clinical areas of their profession. During that time, Mainspring Solutions provided the proper bridge until a permanent Director was identified. MMC was another fantastic client, providing further experience and oversight into the medical field.

Additionally, as Universal Oil continues to grow, Mainspring Solutions supported their efforts to optimize capacity, improve customer service, and implement 'best practices' into their distribution facilities. New items and an increase in orders challenged Universal Oil's current delivery system and facility capacity. Universal Oil invested in additional equipment and brought in Mainspring Solutions to coordinate operational best practices and identify areas that will improve overall customer service.

Interim Management and Logistics/Facility Strategy: Brought to you by Mainspring Solutions.

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