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App of the Month: DropTask

DropTask is an application designed for individuals or entire enterprises who are looking to achieve more.

With emphasis on simplicity, DropTask’s vibrant and colourful interface delivers an enjoyable task management experience for individuals and teams who are working together on even the most complex projects. Whether you’re managing a remote team, planning an event, or simply looking to keep daily work organized in one place – DropTask provides an intuitive workspace where you can manage anything from creation through to completion.

DropTask offers a full suite of built-in applications that provide various functionalities. organize to-dos in your very own DropTask calendar and quickly access it to divvy up where your time should be spent. Collaboration has never been easier with instant messaging and the "work together" app that allows workers to team up on projects simultaneously, similar to that of Google Docs. Various automation applications allows for inventory to be kept and managed of supplies, goods, etc., and will automatically order more when stock is low. Additionally, consistent progress updates keep you and your team aware of tasks and accomplishments. Free Features Include: • A customizable Workflow board for managing any project • Unlimited Tasks and Categories • Offline capability with a seamless sync across platforms • Invite up to 5 colleagues, friends or family members to work on shared tasks in real-time • Ability to see who’s working on what with a single glance • Add details such as Assignees, Task Status, and Importance Flags to each task • Instant Notifications when a change is made • Start Dates and Due Dates for every task • Recurring Tasks so you never miss a deadline • Project Ownership Transfer • Daily Summary Email to review what's overdue and upcoming Optional upgrade to DropTask for Business available for just $99.99/year. DropTask for Business unlocks: • Unlimited Projects • Unlimited Project Members • Built-in Calendar for easy organisation of your schedule • Priority support to jump the queue and get priority assistance • Assign Tasks to others • Unlimited File Attachments • Project Permission Settings with full control to set what project members can access and edit  • Task Dependencies to help define the order in which a series of tasks must be actioned • Comments and Direct Messages to keep tasks and conversations together • Cover Images for the personalization of each task • Unlimited Checklists to divide tasks into smaller actionable steps • Multiple Task Reminders for customizable alerts • Instantly Copy & Move tasks between projects • Email tasks straight into your DropTask workspace • Google Calendar integration • Project Templates for processes that need quick duplication • Exclusive tester program entry to get access to new & exclusive features first

DropTask will allow you and your enterprise to accomplish more of your initiatives and become as productive as you set out to be.

Click the images below to download on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store:

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