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App of the Month: Insightly

No size is too small for a CRM.

Whether you run your own business or are a part of a small enterprise, creating better communications with your clients and targets is imperative to your success. Meet Insightly, a powerful and user-friendly CRM software that has been streamlined to cut out the clutter and operate as an intuitive tool for anyone, regardless of their technological expertise.

Insightly not only helps businesses organize client interactions, but also track projects, emails/calls, leads, KPIs, etc. The software provides the availability to connect to 3rd party applications such as G Suite, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and many more.

We find Insightly's most useful function to be its lead management capabilities. Along with being able to build out full profiles of all your incoming leads, you can also track all communications with a given lead, and assign appropriate follow-ups to your team members (or even yourself), to continue to engage with your potential clients just at the right times!

Packages start at $12/mo for their most basic package, and range all the way to $99/mo for full enterprise systems with additional features. However, the basic package provides enough features to make it well worth the small fee.

Download Inslightly on the App Store or the Google Play Store, and check out more information about this product on their website:

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