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App of the Month: Slack

Speed up your communications with one of the most intuitive enterprise communication tools on the market.

Slack is a messaging application designed specifically with businesses in mind, bringing all of your communications and files together in one hub. It has been proven that organizational teams benefit from having communication hubs that can act as a database for all activities, especially when it is all searchable on your desktop or mobile device. Not only can you take Slack wherever you go, it also integrates with loads of third party applications to make communications even more seamless.

So Why Slack over the other instant messenger systems created for companies?

Slack provides not only direct messages to individuals, but also endless combinations of groups with editable names, and channels. This is practical to separate communications that should go to an entire department, from team messages, from direct messages. Additionally, the helpful search tool allows individuals to type in a file name, or even a word that was used in conversation weeks ago, and Slack will bring the information right to your screen instantly.

Above is an example of what Slack's dashboard looks like.

Slack is designed to save teams time and effort. It was made to solve the age old saying, "I get too many useless emails". Slack's notification settings come fully customization to the user, to make sure you only get the information needed and not be distracted by irrelevant messages.

Pricing: Slack offers three different pricing options. There is a free option for small teams that want to try out Slack, which we recommend before you purchase a paid version. The next tier up is their "Standard Plan" which is $6.67 per active user - perfect for teams to mid-sized businesses who want to make Slack their hub for projects and communication. Their most expensive option is their "Plus Plan" which charges $12.50 per user, but offers more robust features and has the capability to service an enterprise that need SSO, compliance exports, and guaranteed uptime.

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